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Webinar: Prioritise the access & discovery of your digital collections with PastView

13:00 (BST) | 26th October 2023

Discuss the power of online digital collections and the benefits of harnessing the data contained within your material to reach and engage a variety of online audiences.

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Prioritising your discovery & access in 2022

Webinar Round-Up | 8th February 2022

See exactly what can be achieved for the discovery and access of your born digital and digitised assets.


Becoming a Digital Data Maestro with PastView

Webinar Round-Up | 29th June 2021

How to assign the most important attribute data and create more accurate and comprehensive search results.


Becoming a Digital Data Matchmaker with PastView

Webinar Round-Up | 20th July 2021

How to create connections between items; the people featured within them and the collections they form a part of.


Becoming a Digital Data Innovator with PastView

Webinar Round-Up | 10th August 2021

How to generate and increase your archive’s engagement and enhance their digital journey