Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

PastView’s inbuilt Optical Character Recognition (OCR) data service provides a fantastic way of searching items, such as journals and newspapers, by making the typed text within them searchable.

Choosing to OCR means any typed text found within your images will be stored against each item as a permanent record. This allows users to search your website for the content of a document rather than just a specific field, such as name, date, or volume.

The search will trawl all items in your digital collection, comparing stored text against given text, and taking users directly to the relevant page and location, highlighting the content automatically.

Related Services


Digitisation - Prime content for PastView integration

Digitisation converts your physical content into digital format, priming it for successful integration into the PastView platform and opening up opportunities for online access and discovery, and enabling you to make the typed text within your items searchable through optical character recognition. Allow your visitors to search for specific words and sentences, automatically receiving highlighted matches wherever this exists. We offer unrivalled quality as industry leaders in the expert scanning and indexing of all material types, whether old, rare, precious or fragile items.


Data Capture - Enhance your digital searchability

Digitisation places your physical content into a format perfect for capturing the valuable data contained within. Through optical character recognition, typed text within images can be converted to searchable metadata using the latest specialist software. We can also carry out any preprocessing measures necessary to get the very best results, outputting to any format you may require and which can be used in a variety of ways, seamlessly importing into your PastView platform for instant and comprehensive searchability.