Sometimes you might want to share and link to material that does not appear in your existing archive. The ‘Assets’ feature can assist with this.

Assets act like a storage area, separate from and outside of your PastView ingested archive.

Save files and images outside of your archive while building separate collection structures that you can link to and use across your website, increasing flexibility and freedom.

Related Services


Digitisation - Prime content for PastView integration

Digitisation converts your physical content into digital format, priming it for successful integration into the PastView platform and opening up opportunities for online access and discovery, enabling you to save and link to files and images that do not form part of your existing archive, meaning a greater level of freedom, flexibility and control. We offer unrivalled quality as industry leaders in the expert scanning and indexing of all material types, whether old, rare, precious or fragile items.


Data Capture - Enhance your digital searchability

Digitisation places your physical content into a format perfect for capturing the valuable data contained within. Through a range of data capture services, typed and handwritten textual details from your archives can be captured and used in a variety of ways, seamlessly imported into your PastView platform for instant and comprehensive searchability.