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Object Viewer

Do you have objects in your collection that are ordinarily kept behind closed doors and are otherwise inaccessible? PastView's Object Viewer is the ultimate tool for providing access to these objects virtually, and in a way that is as authentic as someone could get without needing to see the objects in-person.

Utilising multiple photographs of your objects, taken from all angles, all of the images are uploaded to PastView and rendered to create a 3D image which your users can zoom, rotate and manipulate at their leisure. Your 3D items can also be assigned attributes, such as dimensions, titles, and descriptions, to make them fully searchable.


Rotate objects a full 360°

Utilising photographs, taken from ever angle, PastView's Object Viewer automatically renders your object in 3D, creating a virtual object that can be rotated and manipulated by your audiences. Object Viewer is the perfect solution for presenting your most prized (and potentially most fragile) objects as part of your digital archive.

Learn more about TownsWeb Archiving's 3D object photography service here.


Zoom and pan to reveal the full details

Uploading high resolution photographs of your objects from every angle, ensure PastView can create fully immersive experience for your audiences. Object Viewer ensures even the most intricitate detail are preserved, combined with intuitive features including zooming, panning and even the ability to rotate objects automatically.


Switch between alternative views

Create sub collections that can be displayed alongside each other, to show the same object in a variety of states. For example, displaying a vehicle with its doors open and the same vehicle with its doors closed, each of which can be viewed independently as 360 degree objects, adding a whole new level of engagement.


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Use Object Viewer with...

Add or remove items, create sub-collections, set rights and limits, and take control.

Generate revenue by providing access through paid online subscriptions.

Integrate archive content with your social media accounts, share images through social media with users.

Wigan & Leigh Archives
A commitment to the country’s history, language and antiquities

We are delighted to have these high-quality 360 views of some of our star objects. This feature will be an excellent resource not only in increasing access to the collection both for our local visitors and those further afield but also in future preservation of these fragile objects allowing detailed access to the objects without physical contact.

Louisa Attaheri
Museums Lead