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Audio Visual Transcription (AVT)

Audio Visual formats, such as VHS tapes, CDs, cassettes and MP3 file are often some of the most prized materials in your archive. PastView's Audio Visual Transcription (AVT) service automatically detect and time stamps speakers and dialogue, converting this into metadata to aid searching of your AV content. This is particularly beneficial for audio histories and interview collections. 

Employing AVT for your items will have benefits much like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR), allowing you to select, copy, and search text. By selecting this feature for your imported files you are free to address other archive matters whilst PastView automatically processes AVT in the background.


Increase access with automatic transcription of dialogue

Utilising AI, our Audio Visual Transcription (AVT) service transcribes dialogue, distiguishes multiple speakers and timestamps content, automatically storing the transcript as metadata for easy searching and retrieval.


AVT results aiding discovery

Revolutionise the searching of your collections by making audio visual collections discoverable using PastView's advanced searching capabilities. Transcribed dialogue is stored as metadata and instantly accessibly for your audiences, enhancing the research and discovery of your digital archive.


Upload and go with Media Player

Media Player provides a sleek way for you to display your digitised analogue film and tape, as well as your born-digital AV collections. Combining Media Player with Audio Visual Transcription (AVT) ensures your oral histories, stories and short films are both engaging and informative, providing your users with the fullest experience possible.


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Create multiple archive collections and pathways to aid discoverability.

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Business Archives Council of Scotland
A commitment to Scottish business and industrial history

"The Business Archives Council of Scotland has been delighted to work with Townsweb Archiving and their PastView platform to make our journal back catalogue available to all. PastView has transformed how we can search the 100s of articles published across the journals since 1977, allowing users to discover the rich resource of articles about Scottish business and industrial history."

Kiara King
BACS Deputy Convenor