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PastView provides tools for the quick and easy renaming of items within collections in bulk and update metadata from collections in bulk.

Metadata includes any textual data relating to collections, items, attributes and entities and it is a critical aspect of archive management. Systematic organisation, storage, retrieval, and maintenance of metadata, is essential for the discovery and access of your digital collections.


Attributes & Attributes Sets

It is important to be able to organise your data as efficiently as possible. Consequently, at the point of upload, PastView’s advanced database enables each individual item to be assigned a series of relevant Attributes.

PastView's advanced database allows each item to be assigned relevant Attributes, such as date, title, photographer, or author. These Attributes can be organised into Attribute Sets to enhance search and discovery. Attribute Sets are the combination of data that makes up a particular format, powering your search through sub-categorisation and providing filters that can be applied separately between different formats.



Determining Entities within your collections enables them to be tagged and connected to other items, effortlessly bringing them together.

An Entity for ‘person’ might include a database of surgeons or musicians. For ‘place’ this could consist of hospitals or venues. For ‘thing’ it might be surgical or musical instruments.

Each Entity will have its own Attribute Set: all of the things that make up the unique qualities of that Entity. So for ‘person’ it might be first name, last name, date of birth, or occupation.



Tags are powerful tools for organising and categorising vast amounts of information with speed and efficiency. Ultimately, tags streamline the process of organising and retrieving information within information systems. This proves especially valuable when swiftly accessing or sifting through extensive data.

Tags can be chosen informally or from a controlled vocabulary. They provide additional information about the item, such as the author, date, or location, helping users find specific information.


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