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Providing access to your collections via paid subscriptions is a very popular method for generating high-value, long-term income, and is an option your users will greatly appreciate. Subscriptions are incredibly popular amongst genealogy data publishers but they are equally of valuable benefit to holders of magazine, journal and other bound published collections. All you have to do is opt for Subscriptions on selected items, choose your duration, and then establish your charges.


Monetise your most valuable collections

Creating subscriptions plans for your most valued collections, offers the perfect solution for generating income to support your archive. Identify collections to monetise, the duration of access provided and set your charges. It's as simple as that!


Control access to your digital archive

Not only are subscriptions an excellent way to support your archive, they also give you full control over how your audiences interact with your collections. Collections can be hidden from public view or even protected with blurred access until your audiences have subscribed.


Measure performance & audience engagement

A seamless integration with Google Analytics ensures you know exactly how your monetised collections are performing. Clear and comprehensive reports are readily available, helping you to better understand your audiences, their buying habits and determine your most sought-after subscription plans.


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Add or remove items, create sub-collections, set rights and limits, and take control.

3D page-turning offers a smooth and elegant ‘real feel’ experience.

Gather data and visitor trends, generating reports and sharing progress.

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