Media Player

It is important to have a diverse range of ways for your audiences to interact with your digital collections, keeping them engaged and keen to share what they have discovered. Visitors are more likely to return if they can interact with your material in exciting ways.

Media Player provides a sleek way for you to display your digitised analogue film and tape, as well as your born-digital AV collections. Media Player opens up a range of options to enable you to utilise the feature in whatever way works best for your collection. Upload oral histories, stories, short films, or interviews to provide your users with the fullest experience possible.


Related Services


Digitisation - Prime content for PastView integration

Digitisation converts your physical content into digital format, priming it for successful integration into the PastView platform and opening up opportunities for online access and discovery, enabling you to share your film, tape and born-digital collections through Media Player. Upload oral histories, stories, short films and interviews at the click of a button in yet another exciting way for your visitors to engage with your content. We offer unrivalled quality as industry leaders in the expert scanning and indexing of all material types, whether old, rare, precious or fragile items. 


Data Capture - Enhance your digital searchability

Digitisation places your physical content into a format perfect for capturing the valuable data contained within. Through automatic audio transcription we can identify the spoken words within your content using specialist software which captures and converts audio in a speech-to-text conversion, transcribing any text format and creating a permanent, secure and highly accurate record. Every spoken word can also be time stamped, making your audio content completely searchable. We can also carry out any preprocessing measures necessary to get the very best results, seamlessly importing into your PastView platform for instant and comprehensive searchability.