Physical Print Requests

Perfect for generating revenue from photographic collections, this feature enables your users to purchase glossy physical prints in size A5, A4 and A3, and is a great way to extend and vary income generation.

If you are unable to provide a print fulfillment service in-house, TownsWeb Archiving can take care of this service for you, accepting orders, locating items, printing, and finally dispatching direct to your customer.

All you need to do is select physical prints as an option for your chosen items and set your charges. 

Revenue Feature - Prints

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Digitisation - Prime content for PastView integration

Digitisation converts your physical content into digital format, priming it for successful integration into the PastView platform and opening up opportunities for online access and discovery, enabling your visitors to place requests for paid physical prints of your items in sizes A5-A3, giving you the freedom to select your items and set your prices accordingly. We offer unrivalled quality as industry leaders in the expert scanning and indexing of all material types, whether old, rare, precious or fragile items.