Your website comes with a number of pages, as standard, such as ‘About’ and ‘Contact’, but you will likely find that you want more flexibility to organise your information and content.

You can easily create additional pages, or edit and maintain existing ones, adding these into your menu so that users can navigate your site effectively. You could introduce  new pages to further support your collection, such as ‘Meet the Team’, or ‘Our Trustees’, for example, and include anything outside of your digital archive that further showcases what you do, providing important information about your organisation.

Your 'About' page is both editable and removable whereas 'Contact', 'Archive', 'Search', 'Home' and 'T&C' pages are not - though the 'Homepage' allows you to edit content via snippets. What’s more, the pages template is already set up with your existing website design, so creating a new page is simple, requiring absolutely no coding or advanced specialist skills.