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Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR)

Handwritten documents, such as minutes, diaries, and journals are often hard to read. They are typically handwritten and can be faded through wear and tear. Fortunately, our Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) technology can recognise many different types of handwriting, providing an alternative to manual transcription, which takes considerably longer. HTR works with various periods and styles in history, as well as different document types.

Employing HTR for your items will have benefits much like Optical Character Recognition (OCR), allowing you to select, copy, and search text. By selecting this feature for your imported files you are free to address other archive matters whilst PastView automatically processes HTR in the background.


Recognise an array of handwritting styles

Utilising AI, our Text Recognition service can recognise typed text and a huge array of handwriting styles from historical documents, automatically adding this information as metadata to support enhanced searching of digitised collections. Seamlessly built into PastView's Text Recognition service, with the sole purpose of better promoting access and discovery to heritage archives.


Drive engagement with integrated searching

Offering a smooth, elegant ‘real feel’ digital interaction that enhances the physical reading experience, BookExplorer’s 3D technology brings your content to life. BookExplorer has taken a significant leap forward with the exciting addition of Handwritten Text Recognition, aiding the searching of handwritten text within the BookExplorer and making even the most challenging historical texts accessible and understandable.


HTR results aiding discovery 

Revolutionise the searching of your digital collections by making handwritten documents discoverable using PastView's advanced searching capabilities. Unlock the endless possibilities of recognising handwritten text within your digitised collections, including handwritten notes, personal diaries, and even text within photographs. All this valuable information can be stored as metadata and instantly accessed by your audiences, enhancing their search experience.


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Use Handwritten Text Recognition with...

Transcribe handwritten text with HTR to enable it to be selected, copied and searched.

Use attribute sets to create the sub categories and filters to power your search.

Use attribute sets to create the sub categories and filters to power your search.

Société Jersiaise
A commitment to the country’s history, language and antiquities

The value of any collection is only ever fully realised when its contents are accessible, so we needed a user-friendly platform that did not sacrifice the needs of serious research. We needed a way to showcase the breadth and depth of our collections in an attractive way that offered powerful, customisable search options when users required them."

Gerard Sargent
Digitisation & Outreach Co-ordinator