Whatever your material type, it’s guaranteed to integrate perfectly with PastView to reach and engage online audiences.

Built for digitised and born-digital collections

PastView was purpose-built with the heritage industry and the sector’s unique needs at the very forefront of design and development. So, regardless of the combined material types your archive may contain, PastView will ensure a perfect partnership.


Turn the digital pages of your bound volumes by simply clicking and dragging the cursor on a PC, or sliding a finger across a tablet, mobile, or touchscreen device, taking your readers beyond the limits of glass cabinet displays and secure vaults.

3D Page Turning

Bring your books to life with the smooth, elegant, ‘real feel’ digital capabilities of BookExplorer’s 3D technology.

Optical Character Recognition

Makes the information within your bound journal collections more accessible, aiding instant retrieval wherever content matches a set of given words or phrases.


Generate long-term income from your bound volume collections, segregating your content to make your archive more financially self-sufficient.

What next?

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