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Publishing Feature - BookExplorer


Book Explorer’s 3D technology allows pages to be smoothly and elegantly turned, giving the user an experience that is as close as it gets to the real thing whilst enhancing that traditional experience.

With flawlessly rendered graphics and pages that can be turned via click and drag on a PC, or sliding a finger across the screen of a tablet, mobile, or other touchscreen device, this is the perfect option for digital journals and newspaper collections. Removing restrictions imposed by vaults and glass cabinet displays, your treasured books are free to captivate audiences in new and exciting ways.

Suitable for:



Large Format

Born Digital

Immerse audiences with interactive flipbooks

Page-turning technology revolutionises the way your audiences interact with your digitised and born-digital content. Offer a seamless and immersive reading experience akin to flipping the pages of a physical book. Effortless and intuitive, users can swipe, tap, or click to navigate your digital collections.


Drive discovery with integrated searching

Paired with our Text Recognition (HTR & OCR) and Text Extraction services, BookExplorer's integrated search supports your audiences discovery and research needs. Keyword searching returns and highlights all results, with arrows for quick navigation through all instances of the keyword.

Capitivate with high resolution zooming

Loupe Tool is an indespensibile tool for your exploring audiences. Deep zooming with BookExplorer enhances audience engagement, from examining fine print in documents, to scutinising artwork in a magazines and even for the identification of individuals in photographs.

You can have it all with BookExplorer!


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Use BookExplorer with...

Add or remove items, create sub-collections, set rights and limits, and take control.

Transcribe handwritten text with HTR to enable it to be selected, copied and searched.

Protect and manage the use of your items by creating and tailoring watermarks.

Archives & Records Association
ARA's membership publication, now online and fully searchable
We are always looking for ways to improve the benefits we provide to our members. ARC Magazine has always been a key benefit and the last 18 months has seen it transformed with its move to online publication. Hosting on the PastView platform takes this to a new level and provides even more benefit with the great search function and the ability to access all the back issues, going back to 2011, in one place.
John Chambers
Chief Executive